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Dairy Indulgences Re-imagined.

For centuries we have relied on animals to make our favorite dairy products, all the while technology continues to improve other facets of our lives. Willow Cup has found a better way. We are hacking the infinite properties of plants to make the dairy’s premium indulgences, starting with specialty tea + coffee. Join us in our mission to better our world, one cup at a time.

Dairy without the cow using plants + food technology
Healthier, flavorful + sustainable
Increased functionality among proteins + fat structure
Creating your favorite specialty beverages in a new, innovative way



Scientific Discovery + Design Thinking

Sara Bonham

Sara Bonham

CEO and Co Founder

Sara co-founded Willow Cup based on the belief that there is a better way to feed the planet and that food can act as a catalyst make a difference in the world.

Sara has always been passionate about sustainability and creating products that are healthier for people and can make a difference in the world. While completing her BSc. in Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry at McGill University (Montreal, Canada) she created an online platform that sold custom-blended sustainable tea formulations for athletes. Sara developed the packaging, e-commerce platform, product formulation and learned hands-on how to run a food-tech business. While in Graduate school, she continued this passion for innovation and created a 100% compostable food packaging material made from plant proteins. This introduced her to the amazing potential of plants/nature and how they can be used to better society.

     Since University, Sara has gained invaluable experience both within the laboratory and in business. In her first year as a Research Scientist she assisted in the development of an agricultural oxo-degradable film that was used to help reduce waste across Asia and Europe. This was complimented by her work with Natural Grocery Stores across Canada, where she analyzed thousands of chemicals in food products and developed a grading system to reduce green-washing in their stores. To round out this skill set, Sara worked at General Mills both in Packaging/Science and in Customer Operations. General Mills gave her tremendous insight into what drives the food industry, along with how to optimize a supply chain and operate a food company for success.

Craig Deebank

Craig Deebank


Craig is passionate about using architectural and sustainable design thinking cross-functionally to transform society and make a difference in the world.

Craig concluded his Master of Architecture degree at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture and Design in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  This was complimented with a Bachelor of Architectural Studies (with distinction) at the Azrieli School of Architecture + Urbanism at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario while representing Carleton University as a member of the Men’s Varsity Soccer team.  As an architectural design professional with strong sustainability and project management experience, Craig will lead business development and design decisions for Willow Cup.

At Willow Cup we understand that in order to create something that never was, we can’t think how we always have. In 2012, Craig was selected as one of five Finalists for an Annual International Design Competition called “Sukkahville,” where designers are asked to re-imagine the Traditional Jewish Sukkah and are invited to construct their proposals for public display. Craig’s entry, “Embryonic Canopy,” exploited a loophole in their historic competition rules to build something unprecedented, ephemeral and distinctively different that initially shocked the Jewish community. Eventually, Embryonic Canopy ultimately became a memorable fan favourite and was circulated on several prestigious design blogs once it was constructed. Craig is excited to transfer this “outside of the box” design thinking to Willow Cup and disrupt the food/dairy industry.

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